Manage your accounting effortlessly

Centralize all your supplier invoices on a single platform.

Automate the sending of your invoices to your customers and to Chorus Pro.

Take a step towards 100% electronic invoice accounting with Freedz.

Manage your accounting effortlessly

Centralize all your supplier invoices on a single platform.

Automate the sending of your invoices to your customers and to Chorus Pro.

Take a step towards 100% electronic invoice accounting with Freedz.

Freedz, the solution for accounts payable accounting
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Freedz, the solution to automate your accounting management.

Choose a solution that meets government expectations in 2026

The e-invoicing reform will require companies to be able to issue and receive electronic invoices from September 1, 2026(postponed from 2024).

Freedz, the future Partner Dematerialization Platform meets your business needs while respecting the regulatory and technical requirements of the State.

improve supplier relations
Freedz, invoice dematerialization

Automate the issue, collection and processing of your invoices

Freedz centralises all your invoices in a 100% electronic format. Freed from paper and manual processes, you are more efficient and can concentrate on higher value assignments.

Manual input and processing is a distant memory.

Validate your invoices as a team... in the office or at home!

Gain in traceability and reliability on all your exchanges.

Digitize your validation circuit by defining validation authorizations by department and by amount according to the users.

improve supplier relations
Follow-up of supplier invoicing

Simply track the status of your vendor billing

Amounts of paid invoices, in process, top suppliers...

All the information you need is present on your dashboard to check the status of your cash flow at a glance.

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Connect Freedz with your existing tools

There is no need to change your billing and accounting tools. Freedz is a SaaS platform that has the necessary APIs to connect your existing tools.

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With Freedz, you are in good hands!

"Freedz has given us a production gain and we have completely eliminated time-consuming manual tasks.
Fabrice Pellerin

Accounting and financial manager, A Roof for All

"Today, even our suppliers are asking us to use Freedz. They have seen the benefits for them. »
Lionel Bérard

Third Party Accounting Manager, Halpades

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Consult our FAQ or contact us!

What is an electronic invoice?

An invoice is said to be electronic (or digital) when the invoicing process is dematerialized from end to end. At no time is the invoice printed. Read our article on the subject to find out more.

I already have an LAD tool, what's the difference?

A paper invoice, scanned via an automatic data reading tool (LAD/RAD), is not considered electronic. It is referred to as a digitised or dematerialised invoice. It is the paper copy that retains legal value in this case and it must be kept.
And if you use your ADP for invoices received directly in PDF, it "proposes" an interpretation of the data that must be validated by a person. The electronic invoice, on the other hand, contains the original data within the file and therefore guarantees the accuracy of the data transmitted by your supplier. This data can be integrated directly into your ERP system without human intervention. Read our article for more information.

Is Freedz compatible with my ERP?

Freedz is a SaaS platform with numerous APIs allowing interoperability with any software on the market.

Do invoices received via Freedz have the same legal value as my paper invoices?

Yes, Freedz carries out the necessary checks to ensure the identity of the issuer, the integrity and legibility of the data, which are the three criteria for ensuring the legal value of electronic bills. Whether via the EDI protocol or the principle of a reliable audit trail.

Want to know more about a reliable audit trail? Read our article on the subject.

How do I know if my suppliers will use the platform?

In the texts, the invoice recipient (you) is free to choose how he or she wants to receive the invoices. In fact, Freedz comes with a communication kit and best practices to help you in your dealings with your suppliers. Various tools are also available to help them connect easily and deposit their invoices on the platform.

Wondering how to convince your suppliers to follow you? Read our article on the subject.

Will all my suppliers be technically able to deposit their invoices on Freedz?

Technically, Freedz works on a principle similar to Chorus Pro, the state portal. All suppliers who have already worked with the public are therefore able to send their invoices to the Freedz platform.
If they have never used Chorus it doesn't matter. Freedz has many connection modes (EDI, API, PDF Portal) and accepts many of the most popular electronic invoice formats, so that any supplier can submit his invoices. Whether it is a large, fully equipped group or a craftsman invoicing you himself!