Simpler, smoother and more productive customer-supplier relationships

Freedz is a collaborative platform that brings customers and their suppliers together around the invoices they exchange.

An invoice is too important to the business economy to be exchanged on a piece of paper. By relying on electronic invoicing, by removing the brakes linked to paper and the numerous manipulations, Freedz aspires to make relations between customers and suppliers more fluid.

Freedz' mission is to make the work of accounts payable clerks easier, to free them from time-consuming and low value-added tasks, and to unleash their full potential.

The Freedz platform is a product of the company Neovacom.

How Freedz helps its customers' management

The common values that bring us together


Between us and with our clients. Our goal is to create a team and an ecosystem that supports each other. Working with passion, arriving at the office with a smile, exchanging with good humour, these are the keys to success for us.


Every employee has the power to make things happen and is encouraged to take risks.

Together we go further!


Our credo is to be as efficient as possible and our processes guide us in this goal with the desire to do even better the next time.


Innovation, creativity, adaptability. We encourage a culture of innovation and are committed to strong adaptability on a daily basis.

Do you recognize yourself in these values?


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Our Team

Being at Neovacom means above all working in a good mood and a pleasant atmosphere on a daily basis. We pay particular attention to ensuring that each employee is welcomed in the best possible conditions and feels comfortable in their working environment.

These are the necessary conditions that allow us to invest ourselves to fully satisfy our customers and help them face the problems of a constantly changing environment.