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Dematerialize the management of your supplier invoices

No more manual entry and management of invoices! All your invoices arrive on the same platform in an electronic format.

Validate your invoices as a team

Automatic verification of invoices. Invoice validation circuit before payment. Electronic format eliminates manual entry and errors.

Simplify the follow-up of your supplier invoices

One-click management of suppliers who can invoice you through the platform via a shared directory.

Manage your suppliers effortlessly

Management of your suppliers' data via a directory. Payment follow-up. Follow-up interface for your suppliers. Reduction of your processing time, therefore of payments.


Management of accounting allocations

Import of entries into Freedz, processing of your invoices and management of accounting entries, export of data to your accounting software.

Guaranteed regulatory compliance

Freedz' philosophy is based on the government's requirements for the generalization of electronic invoicing by 2024. Opt for a future-oriented solution!

Many companies use Freedz on a daily basis to receive their supplier invoices.

Our customers

Freedz is THE solution for more efficient accounts payable. By relying on electronic invoicing, by removing the brakes linked to paper and the numerous manipulations, Freedz aspires to make relations between customers and suppliers more fluid.

The Freedz platform is a product of the Neovacom company.