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5 key points to simplify supplier invoice management

5 key points to simplify supplier invoice management

In most start-ups and SMEs in France, managing supplier invoices is not the primary concern.

Yet it is a major hidden cost centre for companies. This is due to small, tedious and time-consuming tasks, which may seem trivial but which accumulate, mainly due to a lack of automation.

In this white paper, you will find the 5 key points that will enable you to optimise the processing of your supplier invoices. By identifying the difficulties encountered by companies throughout the processing process, we will take stock of the problems and the solutions to be applied in order to quickly gain in efficiency.

A must for everyone involved in the accounts payable environment!



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What you will find in this white paper

  • No. 1: Sorting and entering supplier invoices
  • No. 2: Validation of invoices
  • No. 3: Centralization and access to information
  • No. 4: Archiving of invoices
  • No. 5: Supplier management

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