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Invoice demat in 2021: overview and best practices

Dematerialisation and digital solutions are becoming more and more important in our daily lives, both personally and professionally. And the CFO is no exception. Indeed, even if more than 80% of invoices are still exchanged on paper in France, the dematerialisation of invoices is not new!

In practice, companies have already implemented several types of solutions, with varying degrees of effectiveness. Moreover, depending on the technologies chosen, some of them will have to evolve by 2024, as a result of the new regulations.

We therefore propose a brief overview of the different practices of French companies and we will offer you some advice on how to approach the change in view of 2024.

Invoice dematerialisation webinar

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This webinar will focus on:


-Invoice management in France in 2021: State of play: types of invoices encountered, types of existing solutions, difficulties encountered by CFOs.

- Towards a 100% electronic invoice future? What the 2020 Finance Act will change and the expected generalisation in 2024.

- What solution to consider? How to accompany the change / how Freedz can help you through it.

Freedz is THE solution for more efficient accounts payable. By relying on electronic invoicing, by removing the brakes linked to paper and the numerous manipulations, Freedz aspires to make relations between customers and suppliers more fluid.

The Freedz platform is a product of the Neovacom company.