2023: a great year ahead for Freedz!

After a year 2022 placed under the sign of growth, Freedz intends to continue its development by offering more and more relevant and easy to use solutions to its customers. Our goal? To fully satisfy you by helping you improve your business processes even more! As one year ends and a new one begins, we invite you to take stock of the past year and to review our objectives for 2023.

2022: renewed confidence in Freedz

A totally independent player, Neovacom, which publishes Freedz, continued its organic development in 2022, ending the year with a revenue increase of nearly 10%. There are now more than 300 of you who trust our data exchange and accounts payable automation solutions, and already more than 10,000 suppliers connected to our Freedz platform, launched in 2019. CFOs and CIOs are well aware of the need to automate their processes in order to gain efficiency, and find in Freedz a solution perfectly adapted to their needs. In this context, and taking into account a higher level of maturity of the market, the distribution of Freedz has accelerated, to our great delight!

2023: new features to be expected

To meet our customers' needs, we have developed new functionalities to further simplify their business processes. In 2023, the functional coverage of Freedz will be extended to offer new automation tools such as the dematerialization of the work situation validation process.

A User Club will also be launched, so that Freedz and Neovacom customers can discuss our products and their common issues. We hope that this forum will be the scene of nourishing and enriching exchanges, allowing real meetings between professionals!

But the big news is our decision to become a PDP. With the generalization of electronic invoicing planned for 2024, Freedz is indeed getting ready to become a dematerialization platform partner (PDP).

The guide to understanding and anticipating the generalisation of electronic invoicing in 2023

2023: 2024 target for the Freedz PDP

The great reform of the State on the electronic invoice will come into force on July1st 2024. On that date, Freedz will be one of the partner dematerialization platforms recognized by the administration. An evolution made possible by the technological, structural and strategic choices made by Freedz in 2019, which are now proving to be judicious with regard to the security and compliance obligations expected by the DGFiP to become a PDP.

"These choices made on the platform, in advance of the reform, can reassure you of our desire to accompany you in a sustainable and serene way towards 100% electronic invoicing", says Dominique Fenain, CEO of Neovacom.

More than an end in itself, 2024 will be a milestone: Freedz will become a PDP for both sending and receiving, to serve both our direct customers and software publishers.

So, if you are already a Freedz customer and you are worried about the transition to mandatory electronic invoicing: sleep easy! By choosing Freedz, you have made the choice of regulatory continuity. The transition will be smooth. Serenity, control and confidence: these are the key words for Freedz at the beginning of 2023.

Customer satisfaction: more than an objective, a driving force

At Freedz, as at Neovacom, we are not looking for growth at any cost. Our main objective is customer satisfaction. That's why we don't develop features at any cost: we prefer to offer you perfectly tested features that will fully satisfy you. This does not prevent us from enriching these features later!

Thus, by working with us, our customers know that they are not just buying software. Choosing Freedz means choosing a service that is not only SaaS, but also the availability of our teams and the expertise of our support

Last but not least, 2023 will also be the year of the change of offices. Indeed, in order to carry out all these exciting and major projects, the enlarged Freedz / Neovacom teams will move in September to new offices that will match our ambitions. But still in Marseille, rest assured 😉

Finally, we would like to thank all our customers for their renewed trust and welcome those who have recently joined us. If you also wish to join the adventure, we remain at your disposal to exchange, whatever your project is!

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